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PkHonor is back better than ever

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Author Topic: PkHonor is back better than ever  (Read 515 times)

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« on: January 25, 2010, 09:01:34 am »

Pkhonor is back better than Ever!
PKhonor.. Amazing, Extraordinary and your all welcome.
Join today, join tomorrow.. Join either way.


Click here to vote for PkHonor

Staff List
Owner : X Mage
Co-Owner : Dragon93,Chris
Coders : Sami,Mike
Admins : Donderstone2,Ashley
Moderators : Gf Fagex,Fluffy,Hi nugs jr
Forum Moderator : Traffik



- 24/7 DEDI

- Client auto-updatable, only download it once.

- Premier island

- AWESOME CUSTOMS ADDED (not over powering wildy pk, and protected economy)

- Noclipping 90% done

- Duel arena for donators (released for f2p when we reach more players)

- 100% following

- Range and Mage following works

- Full automatic skillcape trimming

- Many glitches fixed

- Perfect NORMAL economy, (Improved system to track down economical trends)

- NO LAGG (will always run on a DEDI that supports 200 players over the real number of players)

- Daganoth kings, barrows, godwars, and kqueen

- 16 quests (optional for rewards, you can do ::quests)

- IMPROVED PKING (donator area for over powered items, with overpriced drops for donators)

- Our Own GFX, skillcape emotes are SICK DIFFERENT



- 100% real impact of jewelery items such as ring of recoil or Glory Ammy teleportation

- Anti Dupe and syi with the most improved defense system

- Better range and mage (new mage spells will be added soon, such as holy force)

- Added Dragon (e) bolts

- Ice arrows effects



- New Minigames (Desert Clan Wars, where clans bid money against each other)

- PkShop with real Pk shop


(Future Features)

-Castle Wars It can get you cash and the real Castle Wars gold armour!

-Duel arena

donator shop
premium shop 1
premium shop 2
duel arena

Everyone is welcome to share the lagg-free experience!

There is no lag thanks to the 8gb (soon 20GB) of RAM supporting the servers sustainability.

Regular promotion of mods and admins allows a secure and friendly environment allowing us to be cautious of any future problems.

Pure? Tank? Main? We donít care, a players a player..

PkHonor has many features, pkers, and bonuses. PkHonor offers extensive and well thought out donation features, these include :

Donator Only Items - These items are very good and are very useful throughout the game.

Donator Shop - There is a donator shop in Varrock where only donator level 3ís can got to, this sells various amounts of donator items.

Premier Island - This is only available to the highest end donators, at a cheap price players who have donated for access to the Premier Island can visit there when ever they so wish. On Premier Island there are various amounts of things that you can do. These include : Skilling Areas! Pk Areas! and another donator shop, this shop includes most of the best items in the game!

PkHonor also has a very good economy. Along with all these you also get instant barrage, range AND mage following, working god-sword stances, all specs fixed, fightpits and Pest Control mini-games FULLY scripted, Very good custom items, Working KBD + KQ + Slayer Tasks! A new up to date Client which has a built in music player which u can add your own music to! very stron and healthy economy, very friendly and supportive staff, and a great community.

Furthermore the is a PK Points system, every time you kill a player you recieve points. These points can then be used to buy stuff from the donator shop, this shop has the most elite and some of the most powerful items in the game, ranging from PARTYHATS to HALOWEEN MASKS, to Meat tenderisers. Currently there is a large roster of QUALITY staff, which means you will NEVER be short of a mod, and as you have been told erlier, players are even willing to help! so what ever you need, pking, merchanting, skilling, or just want to mess around, PkHonor is the place to do so. Please visit us at and say hi on our forums! We will be waiting for you.
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